Dr Timothy Eviston MBBS PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Eviston is a Sydney based medical practitioner, scientist and entrepreneur. Technology, relationships and innovations underpinning Intravital were developed by Dr Eviston during his PhD studies at UNSW and he is an inventor on a number of patents.

Dr Eviston specialises in interdisciplinary science, team building and technology integration. From a clinical perspective, Dr Eviston has a background in surgery with a special interest in head and neck cancer surgery and reconstruction. In his research capacity Dr Eviston has an active interest in surgical nerve injury and nerve monitoring. He has presented nationally and internationally and has published in high impact medical and surgical journals. His research collaborations extend across neurobiology, clinical neurophysiology, biomedical engineering and cancer research.

Dr Eviston has worked with industry on nerve injury and nerve monitoring technology and has co-founded charitable and non-profit organisations focused on improving patient care and support including the Sydney Facial Nerve Service, the largest multidisciplinary facial palsy service in the southern hemisphere.  

Professor Arun Krishnan MBBS PhD FRACP

Chief Medical Officer

Professor Krishnan is the Professor of medicine at UNSW and is recognised globally as a leader in peripheral nerve injury research. He is a neurologist, clinical neurophysiologist and head of the Neuromuscular Disease and Multiple Sclerosis Research Group at UNSW. As one of UNSW's youngest full clinical professors, he leads a team of nine fulltime researchers and has pioneered breakthrough work in early biomarker development and metabolic neuropathy. 

Prof Krishnan has extensive experience with running and developing clinical trials and has strong industry ties working with a number of multinational pharmaceutical and medical device companies globally. He is co-inventor on neuroprotective and nerve injury patents, has been an expert advisor to both the TGA and EMEA and has published more than 80 academic papers in high impact medical journals.

Dr Lindsay Wu PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Wu is a leading scientist and biotechnology entrepreneur. He is a Cancer Institute NSW Fellow and runs the Laboratory for Ageing Research at UNSW, the partner lab to Harvard's ageing research laboratory. His research focuses on novel compounds and strategies to improve cell survival and function in the face of insults such as old age, chemotherapy, and mechanical stress. He is a founding director of Metro Biotech NSW Pty Ltd and Jumpstart Fertility Pty Ltd and is an inventor on 5 patents.

Dr Wu is a regular speaker at international meetings and is a regular provider of scientific commentary to mainstream media outlets. He recently chaired the Australian Biology of Ageing Conference (ABAC) in Sydney and is recognised as one of the emerging molecular biology experts in the field.